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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad Caracter.....

Hi all,

In this posting, as usual I want to talk about life, caratcter, attitude or everything just to remind our self in the way we learn about life, how to manage it so we can improve our self to become good.

In my company there are a lot of people working with different caracter, culture, skin (ras) etc ...quite colorful, and if we watch this, you will find interesting thing. Well, I want to tell you about one of production boss. He came from bottom level in this company long time ago. Now he become Boss as manager. But he has no good attitude, every body hate him but anyway management like him to be come a boss. Not like my boss, we are maintenance dept, my boss has a wise vision. But this bad boss, he always feel that he know everything and rule everything without want to listen to any body opinion.

yesterday, he cought my friend, he was repairing one machine, but when he feel on his eyes something then he close his eyes for a while to clear his eyes an the boss passing by an he saw him. He directly report my friend that he slept while working. Every body know and become big issue. Actualy the bad boss is not incharge in my friend area, he is in my area. But he act like he is the one. Talk to boss in that area what happened without further investigation. Lucky, our boss wise, he protect my friend, he know my friend attitude. He arguing with the bad boss, and bad boss could not say anything and want to close case. My boss could not accept, he will continue this case.

So now we are waiting what will happend later.

Well, thats one of the thing happened in my working. A lot of thing happened. Funny, anger, machine problem, people attitude...etc

Ok thats it...enough for today..bye