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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Business Online....

Hi are you all..with me again. I want to share my doing today. I tried to learn how to step to business online. I am interesting so much to be able to do business online. Seem like very exciting. And promising a lot for future earning rather than now I am working in Factory. Beside earning money we can also explore our creativity, learing many thing. So for the first time I am still facing a lot of thing that I didn't know before. My first problem is lack of knowledge about how to create Web or Blog. I begin to searching in the internet find out about that. It realy interesting but tell you ... it need a lot of patient. Every body said that it easy, yes it is easy for whom has know everything. But for the beginner it need a lot of learning step by step. But anyway it worth. Other thing I found a problem is that I have to have Payment system such Credit Card. I don't have one. To make Credit Card also not simple thing, I ahve to have home phone line, when I fill the Credit Card Form there is coloumn to fill about home phone line and it is a must. So my hause has no phone line yet. My complex is new complex so there is no networking yet, not so many resident this time, waiting for people move in. So I have to wait until I able to make credit card first. While I don't know business online not require credit card, it OK... I still can learn much for preparation. So if you interesting in Business Online I will tell you, go for it. Lukcy for you if you have prepare everything. So good luck