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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know what is ERGONOMIC?

Do you know what is Ergonimic? I want to share a little bit about Ergonomic. Ok... I will try to explain with my language or what I could understand from what I catched. Ergonomic is the technic or theory...The way or dicipline how to manage our body to do activity with proper way so our body can be maintain for laong time. Just I will give some simple example. When we use mause computer, what do you feel on your hand? Pain is it? This is we can call we have ergonomic problem. So Ergonomic give the theory how to position our body, the way we sit down, hand position when working in front of computer, the height of the table where the computer put on we can eliminate or reduce the risk to our hand to be come pain.

So thats a little bit about Ergonomic... I could not explain further more for this time...But I think it is very interesting and can be useful to you. I think I will explain one by one about this.. I have information about this and will share you for next posting...