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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Herniated disc

Good Morning...

How is your days? Hope everything is fine.. well the sky anyway now claudy, yesterday even had a rain. You know? My shoe maybe had a leak, when I went to work, I feel some water came in my feet :> I thing to change my shoe...

Ok, for today I will share you about HERNIATED DISC...

I am not good in explaination, I will try to explain based on what I know. Last time I have a friend had a paint on below stomach area and after went to hospital, the doctor said that he had "Hernia" and must to do surgery. He spent about a week in Hospital for surgery. Why he got this kind of problem? He told me that he always lifted heavy thing from the floor, so his body bent to the ground when he grabbed the thing and lift it. When he lifted, he use his back, and lower back to hold the heavy and he said some time a litle bit pain on the lower back but he kept doing this until he suffer.

So this is I learned from him that do not do thing that will affect to Ergonomic thing that will give us bad risk to the future.

See the pic : Herniated Disc, is the disc like e jelly donnut, it will generate by the age or injury. If the disc big enough, it will press the nerve, and create pain.
- Don't lift the heavy thing with unproper body position. Ask someone to help, don't be a hero to lift the heavy thing.
-Watch your body when standing or sitting, don't make complicated movement.
The lower back is also critically involved in our body's movements throughout the day, as we twist the torso in rotating side to side and as we hinge the back in flexion and extension while bending or lifting.
Thats all...