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Monday, February 23, 2009

Think Positive...

Hi every body... Sorry I just came back from my holiday... As usualy I went back to see my family.. My daughter Fifi now more clever, she can talk very good, she called me "Ayah.." mean Dady very clear, and she is very close to me, whenever I want to go, she always cry didn't want me to go. Very hard for me every time I went back to Singapore leave them again. Hope not for long time. I don't want to loose time with my family for a long time. I plan to work at Singapore until next year.

So.. I just want share with you all.. that in this situation we have to have Positive Thinking to make us survive if not ... its realy hard. I don't know for some people, far from family is not a problem. Some people saiad that I am a family man. I am praud of this. Ok, I tell you about friends of me. They are from another country. I don't want to say from whih country. They far from their family but they still enjoy their live. Different with my culture, family means no no affair. But those my friends make an affair while they far from family, they look for girl/boyfriend, and for their family they send money.

So get back with me, Positive thinking is very important. Beacuse in life many bad thing or bad situation that we will face need us to decide or how we act with those bad thing or situation. Those bad situation make our feeling down. So every time those bad thing or situation happened, try to think positive and try to solve and you will find that those are not as bad as we think. Every problem have solution. Just be patient, continue life, solve problem step by step..because we have to realize that anithing need time to process. Process is something that need time.

Ok.. Thats it for today...