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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Training Hearing Test

Good morning....
Well its a nice day today, I am just woke up around 9.47AM Singapore time...took bath and went down to get breakfast.. Ok I am staying on the 11th floor, my roomate already went to work early morning. My roomate is from Palembang Indonesia but same as me his family is in Batam Island.

Now I am listening to the radio, Batam channel-Batam FM, Indonesia song... I love Indonesia song beause Indonesia have a good in music. I love Indonesia. I called my family, wife and daughter Fifi to check what they are doing. My wife was cooking and my daughter playing around the hause. I ask my wife if there is anything she need so when when I going back Batam this week, I will prepare for her.

Well in this posting I am actually want to share about yesterday experiences. my company conducted trainning season regularly. Yesterday was about Hearing Conservation. It is about safety, because my company is a good company that concern about safety. And you know what, if somebody lost hearing means lost way can cure the Lost Hearing. make rule to prevent someone Hearing maintaint from exposure.

The maximum exposure that human can take is :

85dB for 8 hours

So if you stay in the room with noise level of 85 dB please don't stay more than 8 hours. And this ratio can be change. Means that noise level higher you must reduce hours. example ;

88dB for 4 hours

There is two kind of Hearing Problem :

1. Temporary Lost Hearing : this happend because our hearing expose with high noise level for long time such as Discotic, Music plug to your ear etc. Then you will feel that your hearing not normal. It need around 14 hours back to normal again after good rest (means away from noise).

2.Permanent Lost Hearing : No Cure

In my company there is many machinery that produce noise. So company have regulation for this. They monitor noise with Noise monitoring Level. For some area that have high level noise, they apply ear plug for the personal who work at that area.

Well that what I can get from this training, and will give you knowledge how important our Hearing so you can maintaint not get damage. Once you lost your hearing, you will lost opportunity in your life. Job opportunity, bad communication etc. Please love your Hearing....Bye...