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Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend .....

Hi again.....sorry I am late updating my page.. I went to my place, Batam, where my wife and daughter stay. And I spent time with them, my daughter now more clever, she know she want to ask to buy something. She say "Jaja.." means jajan (indonesia language) means buy something food or snack. And she asking for money and pointing mother's wallet, she said "dua.." means two. After that wanted us to take her to store near by our house. Usually she asking for "kerupuk" Special indonesian snack or drink. But we avoid her to consume those, she just cure from cough. And more word she can speak. What a smart girl...and she can walk better and better even she want to run. She love to go outside, specialy when we were going out by motorcycle buy food or something. Then she always asking stand and grab my shoulder and yelling al the way.

Actually is hard for me woking abroad stay away from family, I lost 5 or 6 days fro one week spending time with them. I am thinking to end working at Singapore for other 1 years from now. And find job at Batam. For that, I have to plan very carreful, I plan to take Welding Inspector Course at Singapore. If I manage to get the certificate, I am sure I can get good job with good salary in Batam. Now Batam tend to have good job field in Oil and Gas industry. If I stay at my skill now, it will be hard for me to get job with good earn. Specially in Semicon/Electronic Industry as you know now world in Big Crisis.

Ok enough for today, next time will talk more...By