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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a good night

Hallo again with me.. well, this night I am so tired but I still want to write something, about anything...but what is the interesting thing that I want to share is about is the life makes me feel like an ocean ... sometime up sometime goes down ... slowly up sometime suddenly fast then again goes down that make me feel the heart is like will break. Well, that's life ... we can not avoid problem, stressful, but sometime we feel happy.

So we can feel happiness from all the thing that comes to our life. After hurt there is cure, when we know how the hurt feels, then we realize how good is healthy. If we never know how the hurts feels, we never realize how good is when we are healthy...and other thing is Thankfully to want we get in life for even a small thing then you will get how is the happiness feels like.

Now I want to share my happiness, I want to tell about my daughter. Her name is Zhafirah Annisa Gunawan, we call her Fifi. This name is my wife idea, when I am confuse to chose name for her so when my wife suggest this name and I feel that that is really good name. Zhafirah means The lucky one, Annisa means Women (also take from one of Quran, also take from my wife's name) and Gunawan is my last name. So we hope that she will be the lucky women in the world and after. Now she is 1 and half years old. She just could be able to walk, well she could walk after more then 1 years old. Other baby 1 years old already able to walk, but you know?...My daughter good in other thing, she could talk very good, her teeth now already ten and she is very clever. She know how to act 0r respond to advertising in TV etc that make me SO HAPPY...well I guest now already late at night, tomorrow I have to work. that's it for tonight... I will continue next time..I promise

Last I want to show my other daughter pic


Rainie said...

Hello Indra!
Thanks for your comment!
I discover your blog, and I prefer to start from the beginning ^^, so don't be surprised to read my first com here.
Your daughter is so cute! I would have like to have a little sister ^^