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Monday, March 9, 2009

Garut Indonesia

Hi All,

I want to tell you about my native home town. The city is Garut City. It is a small town with rice field around the city and most of the people occupation is farmer. Garut is in West Java, one hours from Bandung city is in Indonesia. Surrounding the city we have mountains, last time when I was in Garut city, school time, I always went to maountain for hicking. we went to Papandayan Mountain. There have volcano area, the smoke all around the place, but we took place for camping bit went to the top above the volcano area. Panorama garut is very beautiful, many plantation, also have Hot Water Pool area, the hot water is from volcano. Many people from other city come to my place. When I was in Garut, I always went joging trough the city, the fresh air because of many plantation, no polution. Very good isn't it? One day, I want to return to stay at garut with my family. Now I have to strugle working at Batam Island away from my place. Batam to Garut took one hours by plane to Bandung then one hours by bus from Bandung. Garut is cold place, even day time the water still cold.