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Monday, March 23, 2009

I am wondering if my blog interesting?

Hi All...sorry so for I am not posting anything. You know what? Because I had no idea what to post. I don't want to post something from copy paste from other article. Its feel like nothing. But in other hand I was confuse what should I write.

HonestlyI want to make my blog alive. There is interaction between me and you all. But so far no comment and I didn't know weather you like it or not. I am realy appreciate to whom already vote my blog in good vote even not so many people voting.

So is there any idea of what thing to become interesting to talk here in my blog, please give an idea.

Or maybe I will change theme of my blog.

How about : Simple Chat and Knowledge

You know why I have this idea? I just want to invite person to have simple chat or sharing simple knowledge but usefull. I follow google groups about hard conversation like philosophy wow I could not follow, very hard language. I ould not follow. I just want to chat simple, interesting and usefull for life or any

Well....any comment?