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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Philosophy ...

Philosophy has meaning " Love of Wisdom " in Ancient Greek. I try to read some of the philosophy thing. To be honest I could not understand and could not get what thing that will be useful for my self. I don't know if my brain not clever enough to understand. To many difficult words. If we see from the origunal meaning " Love of Wisdom " we will thing about love and wisdom. Love for me is something that we can feel could not be described. Love mother, love wife, love my things, love my daughter love my pet, love to do thing, love to see thing and so on. Wisdom is something for us to think, consider and act properly to produce a good solution.
So is it good to learn about philosophy? And what is the avantage from learning it?
Ok, I want to describe my self. I am now 36 years old, have a wife with one daughter, can manage to buy one hause for my family to live. Have a good job. Every month can send money Sofor my mother ( my father passed away ). Have two sisters all have already merit. So I have a good life.
From describing about my self, I just wondering if there is something to learn, this time I am currious about philosophy. I tried to read about it but could not understand. Should I stop? Or continue?