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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Again with me... days now claudy, I am working second shift. start from 4.48PM singapore time until 2.06AM . Today I wooke up around 9.30AM took a bath and have a breakfast semi lunch. So I am now in front of the computer, browsing, blogging, checked email, etc maybe later going to have a chat. OK...last night when I was working, we got the mesage from our company Big Boss in USA that he had to announce that the global crisis finally bring the decision to make restructurization. Company have to save $750 million dollar means that company have to reduce workforce around 11,600 employee all around the world including my company. I don't know how many poeple will be terminate in my place. Maybe I am included. Who knows. I just told my wife to be prepare if the worst thing happened.
I my self realize that if this happened to me, I don't have any choise. I just hope that there is something good behind this. I beleive that this is the testing from God and He will guide me to a good way for me in life. We as human only have a duty to do what we need to do as our ability and learning and learning...what is the result from out attempting in life bad or good we have to be patient. God want a best thing for us in the end. So beyond this happened the global crisis what ever will happened to me, I hope the best for me and family.