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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

work over time...

Hi all,

I want to tell you about living in Batam Island. First time I work in Batam. In precision company, making things from metal in other word machining. Such as Lathe machine Milling machine etc and my machine is CNC machine. I want to talk about living and working in Batam with low earning, we have to have work Over Time then we can earn bit more and at least can survive. When I was single, it is not so much affected. I never have hard feeling. Just enjoy life spent money. But once yuo have a family, its become quite hard. If we are not strong, will be hard.

In Batam, Work Over time is a must, if no Over Time, means earn less. Now world crisis every body, specially who depend on Work Overtime, got a lot of finance problem. I am still lucky, in this situation I already have job in Singapore. So I earn enough money. But it has consequency also that I have to leave family every weeks.

I wish I could get good job with good earn but closed to family. This is perfect...Amin


Josef Fight Report said...

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Josef Fight Report said...

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