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Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know how worry I am ....?

Halo ...

I just want to share. Just now I as usually called my wife in Batam around 19:45PM. Sometime she went to the neighbour place or to her sister without bringing the phone with her but not for long time she will reply. But today, she make me feel worry because when I called her and she never picked up. I will wait the reply or message from her. I play a Solitaire in my phone. After about 20 minute no message. I tried to called her again but still no answered. So I decide to go to coffee shop, buy a glass of coffee while watching TV at coffee shop. After I feel quite long time, I finished the coffee, then went to the public phone again to called my wife again. Still no answer. In this situation, I start to feel worry, where are my wife and my daughter? I was afraid something ... you know ...I could not tell . I called again and again several time with no answer. More worry. So I went to my home, open computer, doing something while waiting news from my wife. Time goes on, almost one and half hours with no news from my wife. And I tried to called her again with my handphone several time, finaly she answered. Hmmm .. what a good feeling to find out that my family nothing happened.

Well ... from this story, I just wnat to share about how important family for me. And I feel that the I own the happiness. Having a family is a complete of life. The perfect way for me in life. Many feeling or situation Sad ... glad ...worry ... tired ...sick ... confuse ... etc and HAPPY. It is challenging ... We can feel so happy when we know how is Sad feel. We will know how important Healthy when we ever get Sick. And now there is one feeling of me. I know how missed I am to my family when I am now far from them. Thats life.

Thanks for attention ....