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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi Everybody..

I want to review for what I have post so far.....I hope that I give you good things. And I am really sorry if there was something you don't like and made you feel no good. And I want to thank to all that gives me comment. All really good comment and this make me happy and want to post more. But I want to make apology also for who had given me comment but I never reply them. It is not because I didn't want to. It was because I have short time doing all post, drawing etc while I also had main activity, working, and now I am concentration in course. But maybe next time I try to reply all.

Well, for al of my drawing, I am not professional, I just tried to express my self, just made drawing and didn't care if it is good or bad. I want to let you judge. And so for it was ok. I just feel that I want to enjoy my self in doing this, made one creation, sharing with you all, got comment ... that's enough. I feel happy as I feel happy when making all post. I want to make my blog as my place to put my imagination while everybody can see. I couldn't make a masterpiece creation that at the end can be put in the museum as a high class creation. I just want to make simple one and at least one time make one people smile or surprise or feel wow...ok. after that see next. For that I hope I always have an idea to make next-next one.

You know what, I can make drawing since I was kid. Last time actually I send some drawing to a magazine in my country and hope get money from that, but the magazine never put or publish my drawing. Even no reply and I didn't know where is my drawing. They throw maybe. Now I know how to publish it. Don't care about money. Money no 2. I still can work for money for family. The course I will take is one of my attempting to improve my earning.

Well.....That's all from me for this moment....

See you around..

wait for my next post


SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Indra,
I can not speak for everyone here but for myself all of your work makes me smile. I get busy sometimes and do not comment on each one but I am amazed at how you have improved and gained confidence with your work.
Thank you by the way for following my newest blog, The Chase for Baja. It is one I just started and will be adding to a little later.
keep up the good work.

nataraj said...

your drawing skill in excellent but hae to think abt painting

nataraj said...

drawing and painting is good need to select colour combination will look better