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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Go for Weekend

Hi All,

This weekend as ussualy I will OFF going to Batam to see familiy. And in Batam for this time I would be able to access internet. And I will be check my blog Monday evening.

Thank for your attention to my blog, I am very happy to know that my blog have visitor and get some good advise and appreciation. Keep visiting and give idea.

Before I leave, I want to ask something :
1. For My Drawing, ussualy I use Microsoft Paint with mause. If I by BAMBOO is it good? Or you have idea what best note and pen for making drawing in computer.

2.While I am going, please give me idea for me next time posting something in my blog

3.Also give idea is there any thing bad about my blog. I want to make good blog

4.Keep visiting....

See U


Man of Hope said...

Indra, keep working on your english and it will come to you eventually. What you need to do is always think of things that matter to you and you will always have something to write about. Have a good weekend. I don't know about artwork possibilities but just try them all. When you talk about what is important to you nothing you say will be bad. good luck, Carl.

SquirrelQueen said...

I would really like to know more about Batam.

Also I agree with Carl about trying the different drawing programs and seeing which work best for you. But then I already love your artwork.


Jayne Lloyd said...

Really like your drawings. Have you tried Photoshop?

I'm also an artist and currently collecting photos of people with their eyes closed. Please visit my blog at