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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meaning of Life in My Opinion

Hi All,

I want to try to express my self in describing Life based on my life experiences and what I feel about life. Many people and has been long time ago question about what is the meaning of life exactly. In my opinion, life is the process from beginning, when we were born until growing up and finally died. In between, there is a process that we were follow as we call AGE. since age 0 until certain age with everyone has different age. In process there is sequences, from baby, kid, growing, adult and old etc. All that rolling as a time as the day and night every day rolling. In following those process, we need guidance, we need manual book to go to the destination. Is depend of each one to chose the right manual book. We have one destination with many manual book. Who chose the right one, he/she will reach right destination. For How, What, When, Why, Where, Which One... everybody have own opinion. But the answer only one. And this would be cleared when all finished. And no return.

Well, this just expression from me. I am not expert. I could not understand people talked about Philosophy. My brain not so complicated to express complicated things. I just want to try to understand about life for my self, Just came out from head without any consideration. I leave it to you.