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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Retrenchment finaly come....

Hi everybody...

I want to tell about today in my company. Last time I mention about global crisis and my company decide to use layoff or retrechment to cover the finance problem. Now Retrechment has aleady come starting from yesteday. Yesterday 4 person has left the company right after the superior called them. Now today additional 11 person total 15 person. maybe the second shift also have.

And you know what? How company retrechment people? They did on the spot, they called and the person must go that time. And we didn't know who will be the next, and we didn't know how they decide who will go. So...I am now waiting for news if I am also the one.

To be honest, I am not ready to go. but if happend anyway, I couldn't refuse. I just follow the flow what the life will be with brave and beleive everything will be fine.

I have already told my wife about this situation and she encourage me not to be worry.

Well, IF this happened to me. I want to make appoligy to you all if I could not manage my blog frequently. Because I will have not access internet. I ahve to save money for family first.