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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great...other answer of " What is the most important thing in Life ?"

Getting more interesting, we can learn good thing from this answer. Hope can give you refreshing to our mind and more motivation.

My family is the most important thing in my life, without them I would be nothing.


LoveLearning Using our creativityAll equal a happy life, in my humble opinion.


I would not say Happiness is the most important thing. Without struggle and learning there would be no development. If things were good all the time we would never learn to cope. Life as it is deals us many different situations that we must cope with. Coping is a mechanism that we learn through age, wisdom, others and our own maturity. It's important to raise our own bars as we go through life and not just accept the status quo.Risk takers when successful are the recipients of success. Without the effort made there would be no progress. All these things are important to our development as caring, loving and mature individuals.


I can resume of their answers are family really important and to be able to taking care of the family we have to be strong struggling and learning with caring, loving and be mature. I just remember my daughter when she asking me to raise her in my hold, crying when she felt down and get sratch on her knee, when she asking to buy snack...etc aslo Remember my wife when she was not enough sleep when my daughter sick or her self sick. Every time I went back to Batam, I saw her face in tired.

OK...I am still willing to hear from you all about most important thing in Life. Don't be stuck in one opinion. Just flexible answer, what you think that time just express your self. I beleive life is important and be important.

I am waiting


Rosa said...

The important thing is to connect with people, to make your own family (even if you are not related)!

Jill said...

Dear Indra, I see you have put up a lot of nice pictures since I last stopped by...And lots of good comments from people about what is important in life. I was surprised to see the name "Jill" below a comment that sounded just like the answer I WOULD give, but I did not say that...I believe it was Barbara, from the blog Its A New World who said that. So please give her credit - it is an EXCELLENT answer!